Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Our Lady of Knock-Our lady of silence

On this day in 1879, Our Lady appeared on a rainy night in County Mayo.Margaret Berne was locking up the church for the night when she saw what looked to be statues of Our Lady, St Joseph, and a bishop, standing alongside a new altar, on top of which was a statue of a Lamb with a cross. By the end of the evening Fourteen witnesses recounted seeing the same thing. The entire back wall of the church was bathed in a brilliant light. There was an altar on top of which stood a lamb with a cross. The altar and the lamb were surrounded by angels.St Joseph, Our Lady, and St John were to the left of the altar.What is interesting is that Our Lady said nothing. Zippo. Nada. Why? Well the Irirish are known for the gift of gab....maybe she was teaching them the importance of silence. Why Mayo? Mayo is one of the poorest counties in Ireland. I think the apparition was encouraging from heaven. The potato famine was in 1845 and the people were still suffering. The fact that it was an altar with the lamb of God surrounded by angels is significant. Catholics believe that Jesus is truly present on all the altars of the world when a priest celebrates the Eucharist. To me the message is simple....cultivate silence in your life and draw your daily nourishment from the Eucharist. Our Lady of Knock....pray for us!

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