Thursday, March 1, 2012

contraception: bad economic policy

It may surprise some readers that Pope John Paul II was not a fan of what we now know to be the Milton Friedman School of economics. So often in our sound-bite oriented culture and political dialogue church teachings often get presented in political terms. Take an opportunity to read his teachings on economic development. Remember, this is the "Solidarity" Pope whose constant rallying cry was the dignity of the human person. He saw many inherent dangers in a capitalism run wild. Materialism is a grave moral evil and one that needs to be addressed. Pope John Paul spoke of this at the United Nations.

In contrast to the oft-ridiculed and scorned position of the church's stand on contraception in developing countries is the concern for economic well being that is at the heart of the Pontiff's thought. Even church opponents such as Nafis Sadik, UN under-secretary for the conference on population and develooment in 1994, had to cede this point in a private meeting that is retold in the book His Holiness by Carl Bernstein and Marco Politi. She went on to criticize church teaching on family planning. Not much has changed in eighteen years. Planned Parenthood is now very active in school based clinics in almost every educational system in our country. Planned Parenthood authors many of the sex ed programs. They have been very succesful in promoting the lie that less children equals greater economic su cess. How has this worked? The world is hanging on the precipice of economic collapse. The US is about to see the baby boomers retire but there is no one to care for them. Through contraception, abortion, sterilization we have killed our future. How many great minds who could invent life-saving drugs or techologies that allow greater resourcefulness of our food supply have never been born.

How is this for an economic stimulus package! America have more children! Say yes to the Lord of Life!

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